Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Platinum Giraffe

Platinum Giraffe is a fun little blog that may be the only one on the internet updated less often than mine. Upon reaching Michigan, I had words with the proprietor of said site. Mainly, I took her to task for not warning me that Inuyasha was essentially "Somewhere in Time" set in Japan. By way of apology, she introduced me to the joys of a program called "Good Mythical Morning" and its hosts Rhett and Linc. It's a You-Tube thing so you'll have to look it up for yourself but there is some significant goofy pleasure to be found there if you have that kind of internet. (Now that I'm home, I don't. So sad.) As an added bonus, one of the things I really appreciate about Rhett and Linc is that they are clean, no foul language, reasonably controlled on the adult content. That's a rarity in comedy these days, especially in an internet context, and I really appreciate their work.

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