Friday, August 20, 2010

Basic Update--A whining day

Crazy, frustrating times. "Calamity's Child"'s publisher has vanished into the ether so I have no idea what's going on with the promotion and distribution of the book.

Been sorting books for the book drive and will have the first 15 boxes or so going out in the next week. (more on that when it happens)

And I need geek services. With internet only through my long-suffering library, I keep coming back to the conviction that there has to be a cheap, simple way to get net access even though I live without cable access or a telephone line. Cell phone towers are up and I can even get 'net through my phone (though expensive and little bitty). So, how do people off-grid get the net? There's got to be a way and I think I'm just a little to luddite to know the latest tech. (Suggestions appreciated.)

That's all I got. I ain't dead; I'm just really tired and over half-way done with a book I don't even know if the publisher still wants or not.

Sorry for whining. Some days complaints are all there is for news and it's been too long since I updated.