Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Calamity's Child Review

Just thought I'd bring this very flattering review to your attention:

Hope you enjoy it. (Hope the stupid interweb lets the link work, otherwise you're back to pasting the link in the browser again.)


Monday, December 9, 2013

Calamity's Child Art 5x5 (part 1)

The Arts Center of the Ozarks (ACO) has every year as a fundraiser an event they call 5x5. The 5 refers to the inches of canvas. In brief, people are allowed to paint a five inch by five inch canvas for the Arts Center and the center auctions them off. Believe it or not, I--with my stick-figure art skills--was allowed to participate. I must say that I was quite happy to be involved because ACO is a charity that I cannot afford to donate to and they always let me (and anyone else) in to view their exhibits for free.

So, I painted. What did I paint? Here's a hint. This is my practice page of studies on acacia.