Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fleet: Great mil. SF now in print

I tried to insert the cover image of the magazine here but I have a suspicion that it's not going to show up. Stupid interweb. Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a story of mine in the October issue of "Outposts of Beyond." Fleet is a violent little novella full of exploding star ships. I like it. I wrote it but even I like it. A bit of trivia for those who care: Fleet was inspired by the cover of the Ray Gun Revival issue in which Subject Real ran for the first time. I loved the cover even though it didn't fit Subject Real at all so I wrote a different story. Further trivia, Fleet is set in the same universe as Chuin Sartre's Wall but on the other side of the Stellar Crescent about fifty years later. If you happen to be a beta-reader, you might see some of the tech curve of that universe in this story. What was cutting edge research in CSW is now standard weaponry in Fleet. Anyway, I put the link to the magazine in the sidebar and hope you enjoy the story. As an added bonus, the mag. also has an article by my Dreams of Steam editor Kimberly. Update: Of course there's not picture. Plus my paragraph breaks are disappearing. Either stupid interweb is getting dumber or I am. (Smart money is betting on "both.") I have GOT to get a new kitten before the entire website and blog fall apart. =sheesh=