Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Conclave 2015 (Links never work when I put them in so this time I'm not going to try.)

As you can see when you follow the link, I am not only attending but have been classed as a "Special Guest." That's quite an honor, especially since this has been a year when I have had NOTHING come out. (Publishing schedules are weird sometimes; 2016 should have several short stories and, I expect, at least one book.)

Nevertheless, "Year of Nothing" is a pretty good description for this year. You can tell from the previous posts that, except for the essay on skepticism I promised, I haven't posted anything and I've only done one local book signing. (I do plan to do the local library's yearly author event.)

Part of the reason is that I don't have anything new to push but part of it is the year itself. I flat out lost about six months to a very severe depressive cycle but, after that, there's been a lot of "life." Some good, some bad, all wearying. I didn't even attend my usual southern convention.

Well, there's that. But I'll be at Conclave, as their Special Guest.

And now I'll ramble about something else.

I'm very honored to be a guest at Conclave but it's hard to be graceful about it. The reason is simple: I don't know how. You see, unlike most people, I was raised by dogs. Border collies to be precise. That (plus a certain degree of "mental instability") has left me with a noticeable lack of human social skills. I don't like the unknown (which the inter-human interaction always is) and I don't like 'obligation.' I am acutely aware of my own failing and that there are people significantly more worthy of accolade than I am. And yet, there are people in this world--especially the people of the SFF community--who inexplicably hold me in high regard. I don't understand it. Appreciate it, yes; understand it, no. Deserve it? Most definitely not. This has led over the years to a confused attempt to do what seems to come naturally to most people: acceptance. Of praise, of charity, of appreciation, of the fact that other people like my work. So, after this long and convoluted explanation, all I really know to say is:

Thank you.