Thursday, August 27, 2009

More confusion than one man needs

I don't talk about it much, but I'm currently homeless. Not the horrible "living on the street and sleeping on stoops" homeless (been there, don't want to do that again) but the awkward uncomfortable homeless of being forced to live in other people's spare rooms and, most lately, on the edge of my father's farm. Well, the farm finally sold and so, I've got to move again. Move where? Don't know.

Now, don't fret for me. It may take a month or two but things should improve considerably (I might even end up with a bit o' property of my own under me feet). But it does mean that the regular blog updates will be even more irregular (if that's even possible). Be patient and I'll hopefully see some of you at ConClave SFF convention in Michigan in October. If I can figure out the entire wi-fi/laptop/public library mystery, you might not even notice but consider this fair warning. Ah, fun, fun, fun.

And I'm still cat-less. Sumo (Kay Kenyon's cat) recommends I mourn three years before getting another.