Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conclave Schedule

I have a schedule:

Fri 8pm Warren Here to There

Fri 9pm Erie My Favorite Things

Fri 10pm Erie Characters (and other things that waste time)

Sat 11am Erie Just Like the Last Time, Only Different

Sat noon Warren Non-Fiction is Very Different

Sat 1pm Erie Cultural Cliches

Sat 2pm Ontario Combat Choreography

Sat 3pm Ontario Worldbuilder’s Toolbox

Sat 4pm Erie Skeptical of Skepticism

Sat 5pm Erie Writing Dialogue

Sat 8pm Warren Purple Wings and Troll Snot

Sat 9pm Erie One Day at a Time

Sun 10am Erie The Monomythic Arc

Sun 11am Huron Matthew Keaton Presents

Sun noon Erie Importance of Other Genres

Sun 1pm Warren Lost Birthright

There's also going to be a table for selling books but I don't think I'm going to be on it simply because (as you can see from the schedule) there's really no way I can help staff it. I'll be carrying the new CChild and some DOSII with me so ask if you want on.