Monday, April 25, 2016

Still not dead: a status update

I don't update often so it's hard for readers to tell if I'm busy, lazy, or laying bleeding in a ditch. Well, recently I haven't been updating the blog because I've been (slowly) updating life. Like pushing a rock up a mountain in hell, we are gradually, grudgingly trying to actually enter the twentieth century. That's right: a house. After almost a decade living in a tin can, we're again trying to fight the system and achieve the great dream of living in the same building as my books.

Do we have financing? No. Maybe. Yes but the bank won't commit to it until I jump through even more hoops and then they'll only pay part of it and even then they don't want to let us build what we what, just what they want. Do we have a builder or the like? Nope. They don't want to talk to me unless I have financing (even though one of the things the bank wants is to know who my builder is--everything is a circle.) Do I have "permission" from the county? Yeah, hard to wrap my head around that one, that I have to get permission to use my own land for my own purposes. I'm starting to consider "gray market" options. Or I might have to put a lawyer on payroll to deal with the local kleptocracy.

But what we do have is the decision that it will be done, somehow. The perk test is done, the septic is laid out (though not installed), and we actually know how much space we have to work with. It might take another year and I might have to skip a convention or two (hope not) and it definitely is cutting into my writing but...

More information when I have it.