Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Midsouth Con

Below is posted my schedule for Midsouth in Memphis this week. This is an...interesting con for me this year. It's the first con I've gone to in over a year. I've been having a pretty rough time with depression this year and this will be my first trip "back into the world" so, I'm scared of it. I'm not worried about the people--Midsouth people are second only to Conclave people when it comes to care and kindness--I'm worried about me. I'm still feeling, kind of permanently tired, frayed around the edges, and generally frazzled. (My good lady wife is going with me so I'm in the best of possible hands.) Mostly I'm nervous about "dark and stormy" and keeping my energy level up. I've checked the other panelists on my schedule and I'm never stuck on a panel without a friend who knows my issues and who looks out for me so I'm not working in a vacuum either. So, if I'm a little tired this weekend, just be patient. And I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention. Friday 3/22/13 9:00 p Would You Rather?: Would you rather see your name come out of the reaping bowl... or the goblet of fire? Would you rather wash Severus Snape's hair.... or brush Gollum's teeth? Join our panelists for a game of literary dilemmas. 10:00 p Be A Better Con Guest: Industry pros discuss how to get on the con circuit and the ins and outs of working with conventions Saturday 3/23/13 1:00 p How to Take Your Lumps: Learning how to work with beta readers and editors without getting your feeelings hurt 3:00 p Pro Row Sunday 3/24/13 2:00 p Packing for the Apocalypse: Find out what these writers and publishing industry professionals would pack in their "bug out" bag 3:00 p Dark and Stormy