Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Travel Update-Conclave

And now I am home from ConClave. A day late but home in more or less one piece.

Great time had by all, etc. Details later, sleep now.

The typo in the biography in the programming book was my fault.

A quick clarification of the Brass Africa stories if anyone was interested:

Stories currently released, in series order:
Black Rhino (in Dreams of Steam I)
Grass Elephant (in Dreams of Steam II)
Stone Oracle (in Midnight Screaming)
Matua's Bats (scheduled for Dreams of Steam V)
Crippled Falcon (originally schedule for DOS III and IV, delayed by publisher for release in a later project due to length)

If you're interested in the series, I strongly suggest you start with Grass Elephant in DOS II. It is long, solid and introduces most of the major players. Once you read it, you will know if you want to read the rest. Love it: you'll love them all. Don't like it: you will probably like some of the other stories but not the main continuity. Grass Elephant has the strongest voice.

Sleep now.