Friday, August 27, 2010

Bookdrive update

Just to let everyone interested know, the first 15 boxes of books shipped out today for the military. (I perfer not to say where; I probably could but I'm unsure and not taking any chances.)

I promised to let you know the mechanics involved so here was today. Get requests and fill boxes according to type of books and magazines desired. Fill out customs forms and also write the addresses on the lids of the boxes themselves (in case the customs forms get knocked off in shipping, the Post Office likes when you do that). Drive 15 big ol' boxes to the Post Office and lug them in. Have them weighed and customs forms stamped and fastened on top. (This is like shipping a bunch of Christmas presents or any other sending of a passel of big boxes all at once. You block up the line and there's a lot of lifting so try to pick a time when the PO isn't busy and warn them in advance that you're coming if you can.) Pay big money (in this case, 15 boxes was just under $400). And that's it. Packages away and hopefully they'll arrive safe and sound (use lots of tape on the boxes to hold them together, just in case).

Now I start boxing up the next round.


(Special thanks to Ron and Kimba Wilson and Glenn and Jo Ann Keaton who donated postage to help cover the costs.)