Thursday, March 12, 2009


Conspiracy Notes:
Disclaimer: The following information is presented for consideration only. The author assumes no exclusive responsibility for the accuracy of the information (although the attempt has been made to be wholly factual). Unless expressly stated, the author does not necessarily agree with the conclusions implied by the data presented. In other words, this stuff is for you to look at and start researching yourself if it strikes a cord. Don't blame us for what you find, don't assume we mean everything we bring up for consideration, and don't take our word as a final authority. We're talking about conspiracies here; we just might lie.

Welcome to the world of Jude St. James...

Gun Control

1929--USSR implements gun control. 1929-1953--approximately 20 million dissidents executed by the state.

1938--Germany implements gun control. 1939-1945--13 million Jews, gypsies, and others executed by the state.

1935--China implements gun control. 1948-1952--20 million dissidents executed by the state.

You see the pattern, and the above only skims the tip of the iceberg. Gun control can be traced to the execution of around 60 million killed by their own government in purges shortly after it disarms its citizens. And now, the UK wants to outlaw knives. What the heck are they thinking about?

Meanwhile, governments continue to develop weapons designed, not to kill, but to subjegate: Acoustic rifles, microwave rifles, a pulse-wave rifle designed to cause muscle spasms, psychotronic generators, and ultrasound generators. (Of these, ultrasound is the most commonly known to the public since it is already being used productively on a small scale as a surgical tool.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Midsouth Convention

So, yes indeed we are sending the Thin Man to another southern convention. It's no great secret that he's been looking for a southern home con (I'd consider ConClave his first and northern home convention--lovely people) and hopefully this will work out. Below, I've posted his tentative programming schedule. If you're interested in the convention, their website is and they're located just outside Memphis TN.

A quick glance at the schedule will leave long time fans thinking "Well, that's a good start but where are the other two-thirds of his panels"? Thus far, these are the only ones they have him scheduled for so by all means drop by and chat with him.

Date Time Event Name Location Name
03/20/2009 17:00:00 M Keaton Children’s Reading Juniper
03/21/2009 16:00:00 Killing a Character You Love Ash
03/21/2009 21:00:00 High Tech Weapons Panel Ash
03/22/2009 10:00:00 Writing for Children Ash
03/22/2009 14:00:00 Is the Short Story Dead? Ash

Just for fun, I asked the Thin Man for a preview of his view on the topics:

Children's Reading: I'm all in favor of children reading. Oh, you mean I'm reading to them. In that case, I'd say look forward to Purple Wings and Troll Snot.

Killing a Character You Love: I use bullets.

High Tech Weapons Panel: Can you say two years of research for CSW? Stuff goes boom. Maybe I'll even bring up Q-Balls.

Writing for Children: Don't cuss as much.

Is the Short Story Dead? No. Is the bank account of the short story writer dead? Yes.