Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Conclave, Saturday

Saturday was busy. Yep, busy. In no way am I complaining; just saying that if I forgot something, it was kinda blurry on Saturday. (I didn't sleep the night before.)
An event on Saturday that I missed was the release of the "sandbox game" Netherstorm by Thunderhead Games. My sources (who just happened to also be my Saturday night roomies) were very impressed. A quote I remember, "It has crafting! And it matters!" Sounded like something I'd be interested in if I were still role-playing. Saturday also had the "Lee Carroll and Anne Brett Memorial Version of THE GAME." I have to say, it still feels weird to go to 'Clave and not see them there. I really miss them. Lee was, in many ways, a kind of mentor to me during some difficult years.
My panels were pretty straightforward. I wish we'd had more time on worldbuilding but let's be honest, I could do an entire convention just about worldbuilding, especially if we included discussions about great fantasy maps. The panel was fairly split in opinions on dialogue tags, physical beats, and "saids." I think the lesson is you can get away with what you want as long as it's clear and doesn't jar the reader out of the story. I read "Troll Snot" and, for I think the first time, there weren't any kids. Oh, I had an audience, they were just mostly on the tall side.
In my head, the panel on skepticism was on Sunday. I know it was on Saturday but my internal continuity says it should have been Sunday because it dovetailed with another Sunday panel. So, I'll talk about that panel in the Sunday post.
Saturday night, I stumbled back to my hotel room, fully intending to sleep. Instead, my roommate and I (whose name is not Dave) stayed up watching TV. Something called "Cutthroat Kitchen" I think. Did you know there is an entire network of nothing but cooking shows? Well, you probably did but I don't get out much. Anyway, the point is: not-Dave and I stayed up way too late and had a disproportionate amount of fun. I am so glad I swapped rooms and stayed with the "boys."

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