Monday, November 17, 2014

Conclave, Friday

A hush settled over the hotel when I arrived for the convention. That's me flattering myself. Actually, I got there before registration was open and it was just plain quiet. I started the convention tired because, in addition to the travel, I'd been pushing hard before we left to get another book finished. I got it done, the edits made, and the mss. sent out to my alpha people right before we hit the road. Through no fault of the convention, I didn't get any more rested so I started out a little loopy and by Sunday I was 3am-full-of-sugar-everything-is-funny blitzed. So, typical S.O.P. for a convention.
I didn't start panels until later in the evening and the turnout was light enough for me not to get spooked by the crowd and have to den up in my hotel room. Instead, I spent most of the early evening chatting with Kelly. Great fun.
Regarding a few of the panels, let me put some further information here:
Here to There--My go-to for market listings is Be sure to check out the resources page for help with all kinds of things. It's a truly amazing site.
My Favorite Things--Just a reminder that in the archives of this blog right here are both my recommended reading list of SF/F and several of the Kilimanjaro book reviews.
Characters--I still disagree with the rest of the panel, especially about the use of third-person omniscient viewpoint. I think it varies from genre to genre.

(You may notice that I have no pictures from the convention. I dropped my phone in the dog's water bucket. Phone works; camera doesn't. Odds are, I wouldn't have taken any pictures anyway and, if I did, the blog would eat them like it does half the time. Bleh. Tech is overrated; buy my merch instead.)

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