Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Off to 'Clave--Take a look at these other blogs

I'm headed north to ConClave this weekend. My schedule is still a bit tentative but the Facebook page should have it when I'm sure. If you're familiar with me at conventions and especially ConClave, then you know that the fastest way to find me is just go to a panel, I love 'em, I do as many as I can sneak on. I'm flying up and that means moving light so I'll not be doing any kind of report during the convention itself. May I suggest, instead, that during that time you take a look at two other very special blogs. The first is my very favorite art site "Platinum Giraffe" run by one of the best up-and-coming artists I know. (Ask her to post a picture of the Baconmobile--it's incredible!) The second is a more serious and closely related to my own mental health issues. It is the blog of a lady who survived a brain tumor and who discusses frankly her own experiences. I especially recommend the post "A Letter to My Neurologist." If you're in the Michigan area, drop by, say hello, and buy a copy of Calamity's Child in the dealer's room. If you ask, I might even give you the "Evil Uncle" signature. There's also a rumor that "Purple Wings and Troll Snot" may show up in children's programming. Come and see--you know you want to. Update: For reasons I will not go into because it makes me very angry, the convention book dealer will not be carrying my book. I will have a (very) limited number of books with me that I can sell to you directly.

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mustardbrain39 said...

Thank you, :) We'll see you this weekend.