Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Safe

Home in one piece. Off to sleep and hide for a few weeks. Wonderful time. MK

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Anonymous said...

Hihi! This is Birdy from ConClave. Just a quick note to say that Mike & I hope you + yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving,

In other news, Mike has posted his review of 'Calamity's Child' on our blog at as well as his article about 'Is Science Fiction Still Relevant?" at

The novel is still in progress, but our first oracle-style card deck is done! Mike and I are both Most Pleased.Here's a link if you'd like to take a look:

Finally, I note with some amusement the fact that Red Dog's favorite phrase is peppering itself through my speech of late, as well as some of the poetry I wrote for a November poetry challenge.

Have an Awesome! (whatever you'd like)

Chirp, chirp! :-) -Birdy :>O<: