Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Global Warming

Normally, I try to avoid politics but this is a special case and a subject that I've been involved with for a long time.

I’ve been watching the science news patiently for the past year and I think it is now quite clear to anyone willing to consider the facts, the scientific support for the political fraud of global warming has collapsed. Glacieral data has been discredited, warming trends have been shown to not exist and the planetary temperature constant since the mid-nineties, and the unacceptable shredding of data to avoid Freedom of Information acts are only the most recent of the collapsing dominoes. Man-made global warming has been shown to be a hoax and the faked and “manipulated” data casts serious doubt on the premise of any global warming at all outside of the routine cyclic trends that occur naturally.

This has been something I’ve been fighting since the early 1990s when I began to work as an environmental scientist and learned that Freon was outlawed, not for any environmental or chemical reasons (despite the public propaganda) but because the exclusive patent had expired—or, if not, the timing was very suspicious and the ban counterproductive. (For those who doubt that it was counterproductive, I ask you to consider that, one the one hand, we have no proof that CFCs ever affected the ozone layer while, one the other, it is abundantly clear that the need to stop using the economical and compact Freon cooling systems and change to the more expensive and larger alternative systems significantly reduced the ability of the world’s aid organizations to distribute medicines to the third world.)

A decade of environmental analysis served only to strengthen my conviction that the science was flawed and yet, the amount of grief I had to endure from other (non-environmental non-climatologically) scientists and laymen was fascinating. Despite the mounting evidence to the contrary, such as the demonstration that increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide was a result of increased temperatures, not a cause, somehow I was a bad scientist and a luddite for rejecting what was, from the first, a political rather than scientific dogma.

And now the hoax is falling completely to pieces. Certainly, the religious believers in global warming will ignore the facts and continue to hold to their belief but it’s time for science to move on with data rather than bias. For my own part, I am currently accepting apologies and promise to try not to mock those who fell for the con game too harshly.


Keanan Brand said...

Amen, amen. I wrote to a friend earlier today, wondering when all the truth will finally collapse the house of cards called global warming, but -- like you -- I know the true believers will not be swayed by something so insubstantial as facts.

Gil said...

I have to agree with you. Global warming, or the more PC term "climate change" (and don't even get me started on political correctness) is, at best, a natural phenomenon (or is that phenomena? I have no Latin skills). But the "true believers" will not let go of it, despite all evidence to the contrary. Emotion appeals much more than fact. It is my opinion that ANYTHING that allows Big Brother an excuse to intrude into our lives a little more is justifiable to "them." End of paranoid rant.