Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Somebody Else's Book Is Out

Now why, you might ask, would I be posting someone else's book on my blog? Because I did the editing.


Neko Sama said...

Unrelated comment: I found you! I was slightly worried when your website disappeared and concerned that this may no longer be active, but it seems your as active on this as anywhere else on the internet. I lost your business card in moving along with many other things.

Slightly related comment: I tried my hand at editing another's work rather than writing my own. I found it very fun. I still don't finish anything of my own unless I can write it in one sitting.

M. Keaton said...

Right now, this is my main internet location (there are some facebook sites but I don't run them directly.) Out of the goodness of their heats, my website's provider "migrated" my website to a different server to "upgrade" my service. That's the last I was able to access it...or my email. Even our dear GuynamedEd hasn't been able to walk me through getting it fixed. At this point, I'm considering a different host and a different domain name. Something snappy like although I'm open to suggestions.