Wednesday, August 27, 2014

General Update

I don't update the blog very often (which is obvious) and most readers know the main reasons: health and internet connection. In fact, let me go ahead and complain about the internet again--Im's getting messages from google saying that, in a short while, I won't even be able to read email because my "hardware is no longer supported." I suppose that's fair, the keyboard on my laptop is shedding keys like raindrops and I get a virtual memory error and have to reboot every half-hour. Even more fun, my website host has told me I need to "migrate" my website to a new server (they say it's to give me better service and I guess I'm grateful except, I don't even know what "migrate my website" means let alone how to do it.)

Okay, enough whining. Other things going I going to Conclave? Yes (finances permitting). Do I have anything new coming out? Yes but the dates are soft. The non-fiction book on PTSD/veteran readjustment is still being shopped. What I wish I could do is put up draft chapters from the book for comment. I think it would make the book better but first-publication rights vs. blog posts are...complicated. On the fiction side, I'm marketting very few short stories because, well, internet. "Matua's Bats" (a Brass Africa story) is scheduled for the next Dreams of Steam antho (no release date set). There are a few other shorts in the ether so to speak. Bookwise, Glitterville is almost finished (I'm at 100,000 words on a book that was supposed to be 85,000.) I also have a series contract with ProSe Press but the first book there is scheduled for 2016. A Brass Africa novel and a non-fiction book on analyzing the werewolf trope have a place to go as soon as I find time to finish writing them.

In short, I'm very busy but with nothing to show for it in the short term. For now, I'm still pushing CChild at appearances and I think the next time I'm scheduled out is the Springdale library in September.

And I'm going to stop now because my 'X' key just broke off (I can still use the letter, I just have to push the plasticy-rubber bump underneath).

(BTW, I'm not complaining, I actually think it's funny.)



Christie Devlin said...

Hi MK!! Hi Cat!! Dear Cat: please don't delete my comment because I really want MK to hear that I'm *still* very thankful to him (and all the other sanctuary press people) for all the writing workshop help and advice and everything. I have joined a local writer's group, and am trying mightily to pass on the wisdom. (boy do they need it!)

computers falling apart!! needing internet! I feel for you. Best of luck getting stuff finished. If you ever want someone to look at/critique something, I am always happy to do that for you--paper is fine with me if internet drops out for you. By the way, I am re-vamping my webpage, complete with links to other writers--I was thinking of including your site in the list. Whaddya think? God bless! (by the way, the website is

Anonymous said...

In the interest of...self interest, you might try the company I'm working for, Oghma Creative Media. We have a client who writes fiction and nonfiction dealing with PTSD, so you'd be a good fit on that front. My boss is Casey Cowan, and he's at We do promotions and branding as well.

MKeaton said...

Christie, you contributed more to the workshops than you took. It was always a pleasure, thank you for too kind praise. By all means, feel free to link to anything you'd like.

Gilbert, thanks for the suggestion. No disresept to OCM but I'm looking for a publisher with a significantly bigger platform.


Starbuck O'Shea said...

Hrm, I know you're possibly on the road already, MK -- but I've another keyb. You can hook it up to your laptop most likely. I'll pack it in the car.

The software problems will require more effort, but I can find help for those too, I suspect.

Will talk to you at con. Also about doing more active PR etc. for you.