Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I (still) ain't dead

I know that I promised a discussion on the werewolf trope so let me explain why I'm not updating. No internet--still. I use the library connection on my laptop but the connection is limited and the laptop so old that it's powered by hampsters and the battery is a clay jug that you squeeze oranges into. On top of that, I am way behind on several projects and losing ground. (My good lady wife has aquired a puppy. I love dogs and this one is a cutie. It's also VERY time consuming.) In addition Wondermous Bean For True was killed by a dog pack; losing a companion animal really messes with your ability to concentrate. So, I'm working on getting posts ready to upload when I have time and then I'll put them up when I have a good connection (which means I'll still be posting in clusters). Okay, quick news that may be redundant because stupid blogger changed the layout again and I can't see my previous posts. ANYHOW. I did not get the arts fellowship and Crippled Falcon will not be in Dreams of Steam 3 (although it should still see print soon enough). Enough excuses. Back to work. MK (Hi Hannah)

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