Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brass Africa Chronology

Just a quick post to clarify the order of the various Brass Africa stories and novellas and where you can find them.

"Black Rhino" (Dreams of Steam)
"Grass Elephant" (Dreams of Steam II)
"Matua's Bats" (childrens, awaiting publication)
"Stone Oracle" (Midnight Screaming 4.1)
"Falcon" (Title my change, probably will appear in Dreams of Steam III)

This covers the beginning years of the Bantu Nation, from just after the death of Shaka to Mpande's return (the generation before the Boer Wars).

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Anonymous said...

Because I wouldn't know a word count limit if it bit me, Crippled Falcon is currently slated to come out in DOS 5 (if we don't do a Brass Africa compilation novel first).