Friday, October 15, 2010

Conclave and a Review of Calamity's Child

I am home, safe and mostly sound, from Conclave and I will, eventually talk about the convention (I've finally given up on trying to do full convention reports since I still haven't even talked about Conclave from last year). In short, the convention and all the people there were wonderful and if there was a weak link, it was me. Because I'm having even worse than usual health problems, I was heavily medicated and tired. I don't feel like I gave the people who attended the writing workshop the attention, energy, and extended feedback that they deserved and for that I apologize. Fortunately, they know that they can always follow up with me by email later for as long as they need. (You guys do know that, right?)

I would also like to point to a review I found sitting in my in-box when I returned from the convention that made me happy and inflated my already dangerously large ego. The review is of Calamity's Child and it's over at . (Hope that link posts in correctly.) I'm always happy when people feel my books were worth their time and money.

Thank you to everyone and I'm off to get more sleep.


PS: I know that my "interweb pressence" is woefully short of what is considered normal these days. We are taking some steps and bringing in some additional staff to address this and we'll be talking about it on the blog shortly. One of the things I want to do is to give you, my readers, what you actually want rather than try to follow the prevailing paradigms because "that's what is done and that's what markets" so don't be surprised when I start asking questions. Thank you again.


Kimba said...

That is a good review. Accurate, too. :-) I'm not too worry about your ego getting overinflated. Cheryl seems to always have the right "pin" handy when needed to keep it from getting out of control.

MKeaton said...

Shhh. We must never speak the name of She Who Must Not Be Named lest her wrath befall us.