Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Drive Info

Okay, today is the book drive and I'm setting at a table in Hasting trying (and failing) to be charming and congenial. Since not everyone can do a book drive or might want to do it differently than me, I'm going to give you just a few of the places you can go and look to find more information on how to donate, write letters, send care packages, etc.

BOOKSFORSOLDRS.COM (My #1 go-to people since they handle individual and group requests) (National Military Appreciation Month and they also link to a lot of other useful places) (another favortite of mine)

And of course, someone around here will eventually answer any questions you email in if we can help. In fact, I think we even have a brocheure (or however you spell it) on what to put in a care package and the best ways to send them that we'll send out for a SASE (or maybe we can email the pdf, I don't know, the cat's dead and I don't know squat about all this interweb stuff but I'm sure it'll get sorted out once it gets here, just be patient.)

So, now we see how it goes.

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