Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One More Question

And one more question to clear the backlog while we're waiting for the Thin Man to recover from his road trip: Why is your blog so scattered? Why not stick to one subject instead of wandering all over the place?

Ummm, because I left a cat in charge of it and they're really known for their attention span? Actually, I think the topics are closely related if you look close enough. Then again, I also agree with Fort that "One begins a circle drawing anywhere." and that everything is interrelated.

The other answer is that I am a raccoon (or maybe a crow). Like most authors, everything I do in life ties back to scuttling around, finding neat shiny things that attract my attention, then bringing them back and showing them off to you, the reader. That puts me all over the board in interests, makes me knowledgeable about many things and master of none, and leaves me a repository of hosts of worthless trivia but, I think, it also makes me a better author (and able to write about a broader range of things). In the case of the weblog, the cat frequently ends up with the odd scraps that I haven't found a place for yet or that I want to share but their project may not come up in the queue for quite some time.

I'm also curious, why is there a presumption that blogs should be about a specific area of interest? Are there unwritten (or written) rules or some kind of meme governing the medium?

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