Friday, February 6, 2009

What a Week

Just after the last post went up, the lines came down--in a big way. The local news stations have been calling last week's ice storm as the worst in a decade. The Thin Man is marginally more sanguine on the subject ("We lived.") but no one is denying that it's been rough. From a cat's-eye-view, it's the first time I've ever seen so much ice that it is not only hanging down from every tree limb, ridge line, and wire in sight but also pushing up from the ground like stalagmites. I could go on to tell tales of horror, relating how the road was blocked for two days until the Thin Man cut his way out with a hand saw, how we ran out of propane, the cold--the terrible, terrible cold like something from a Jack London novel, and how it took over a week for electricity to be returned, but that would just be whining.

It is enough simply to say that we survived (slightly the worse for wear though) and will resume our normal broadcasting schedule shortly.

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