Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guys Read Anthologies by Dead Guys

May There Be a Road (a collection of short stories) by Louis L’Amour
At this point, there are very few compliments left unbestowed on L’Amour. He was a major force in the development of western literature, so much so, that his non-western works, especially those from early in his career, have been obscured. In correction of this, the reading public has come to owe a debt to his wife Kathy, daughters Angelique and Beau, and Bantam Books, for recovering and reprinting these rare gems in a series of posthumous collections.
May There Be a Road is most notable for its title story and the inclusion of another Ponga Jim Mayo tale. Ponga Jim Mayo was an early prototype of the “Indiana Jones” style of World War Two adventuring hero. May There Be a Road is historical tale writing by L’Amour in 1960 in an attempt to educate and alert the American people to the significance of the Red Chinese invasion of the Tibetan plateau.
Readers familiar with L’Amour’s westerns will find the stories in this collection simultaneously familiar and different as tales otherwise lost are resurrected and presented again for another generation.

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