Monday, December 1, 2008

Contest Update

I tried to do this as an update on the last post but the stupid interweb ate it so I'll do it this way. After much lobbying (and not just by me), the Thin Man has relented and allowed the contest deadline to be extended to the 6th of December. Plus, if you don't want to send out your address or email or the like, just post your entry and, after I (randomly) choose a winner, then you can send the necessary information to ship the stuff after you win.

In a slightly unrelated note, the Thin Man has been researching dark matter. (No, I'm not allowed to say why but it's book related.) If there's enough interest, I may press him to see if he'll discuss his rather unorthodox theories here on the blog (but without the math--I can't figure out how to embed all the equation symbols). Trust me, the Thin Man vs. modern cosmology is better than 'rastling on the TV. (And he ain't so thin these days either; the old man's getting a little round...sorta...if you squint just right.)

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