Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Contest News

"Cat," the Thin Man says to me, "Ain't nobody entering your dumb contest."

What can I say? "Maybe it's too hard. I mean, really, who can tell what you'll listen too? You drink Dr. Pepper mixed with grapefruit juice, for crying out loud. Your tastes are strange."

"Eclectic," he corrected. "And don't let the muddy brown color fool you, that's a good drink. Grows hair on your tounge." I'm still shuddering at the image when he adds, "Perhaps you have a point. Let's go with the random entry for the winner option then. But they have to at least guess five or six songs. I'm looking for new music and was hoping to pick up a few suggestions."

So there you have it. Just point the Thin Man at music YOU think would fit and you're in. But hurry, there's just under two weeks left.

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