Sunday, October 12, 2008

And so the argument continues

"Blast it, cat. I could have written an entire short story in the time it took to do this thing!" Yea, well, he's right but that's rather beside the point. If you take everything the Thin Man and I both know about these mechanical geegaws and spit it in a thimble, you can still sew. But he needs a blog for marketing purposes and to host contests for all the nice people— "There ain't no nice people. Not on the interweb." Ahem. For all the nice people we are, still in the middle of the same argument.

"And it's on Google! I hate Google!" Right on that one as well. After Google tried to steal the copyrights on the first book, he's been really touchy about it but, well, business is business.

"Ugly too. I'm going to bed."

For those of you who came in late, you're probably always going to be a little lost unless you go back to the website ( and read up on our confused operation but I'll try to run you through the basics.

I'm a cat and I work for a grumpy, hate-filled human who has the misfortune of being reasonably skilled at telling stories and worthless for everything else. Technology heads his list of "needless distractions leading the world to heck in a handbasket" and since a cat's got to eat and authors need to be on the web these days to make a living, I end up running the website and, after about a four year argument, the blog. I'm Chaos, he's the Thin Man (also known as M. Keaton on the checks that buy the food), and the real power behind the throne is SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED.

Welcome to the madhouse.

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